About Quiq Infotech

QuiQ Infotech is one of the leading VoIP Telecommunication development company. We broadcast live Audio/video streaming easily from your phones, tablets, desktop and provides you with platforms for next generation VoIP Communication. Our company provides a complete portfolio of mobile App development and VoIP network services. With our VoIP services, many of the VoIP features are easily customizable to put your business at the pinnacle of efficiency and professionalism. Our Voip services eliminates the need to invest in telephony by providing better calls even in low bandwidth and allowing users to make high human VoIP clarity calls.We believe our Voip platform is the most critical application for your organization. We believe our technology will enhance Voip communications making them simple, innovative, flexible and natural. Our company was formed by a group of youngsters,located in the heart of Cochin.

  • Live Streaming

    Our QuiQz techonology refers to data delivered live over the Internet, we use a form of source media, an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher, and a content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content.

  • Application

    Ringr aims to dispel misconceptions about VoIP calls being ineffective in India due to low bandwidth. It uses indigenously developed Quiqz technology that compresses data into small packets to work efficiently even when network conditions are poor.

  • SDK

    QuiQz SDKs contain sample code, which provides developers with VoIP example programs and libraries. These samples help developers learn how to build basic programs with the SDK, which enables them to eventually create more complex applications.Clients can simply download an SDK from our Company website and start building..

  • Telecommunication

    Our voice packetization involves appending headers with routing information to the voice data. Multiple voice samples are combined into a packet and the voice packet is switched hop-by-hop through the network.This compression techinques is mainly reflected in our VoIP.

Ringr VoIP Telecommunication

Our Technology mainly Focus on the present and Next Generation VoIP Telecommunication Networks.